Context gives form, understanding and insight

When you search to find, what words to you use? The search is often a few words based on you understanding of the context, your perspective. The search is unforgiving this way, and will not understand your context, only the words you type. But when context is applied to data, it becomes information.

We think that context has to be easily and intuitively understood, preferably already part of the organizations common understanding of something. This could be  the oil rig, a discipline, a problem or a process. TIme and place is also context. Context is often misunderstood as term. The definition in Merriam-Websters dictionary is good. To illustrate how important context is, I use the words chrismas tree. To anyone oblivious to oil and gas terminology, there is absolutely noe doubt as to what it is, but to anyone working on an oil rig, it means two things, were one of those is actually more important than the indoor tree in December.

Context is already described on your organization. It is recorded or inherent expertise, standards and procedures, processes and process steps and masterdata. All of this is there today to run the company in a professional manner. We think that the best way to make sense of your data, is to apply context from these existing sources. At IntOp, we can apply these contexts to your data, and through this turn data into information.

When data is digitized, liberated from the sources and silos ans put into contexts that are intuitive to the users, it  becomes information that is easier understood. When the data is understood and in context, the time it takes to find information will be reduced drastically. It is much easier to get the right information to the right people at the right time. In addition, it becomes much easier en effortless for a manager to either find the information and have an imidiate basis for decision, or pose informed questions to SME’s.  Human error or errors based on the wrong information will be avoided more easily, and the effort of finding, digesting, analysing and manipulating data will be greatly reduced. Last, but not least, we avoid the chance of re-writing something that has already been written.

November 24th, 2017

Øystein Drivflaadt, CTO, IntOp

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