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Photo of Stein Fredriksen, employee in IntOp

Stein Fredriksen

Stein has more than 15 years of experience form the oil and gas industry within organization development, information management and implementation of IT and information solutions.

Photo of Øystein Drivflaadt, employee in Intop

Øystein Drivflaadt

Øystein has nearly 20 years of experience from sales, marketing and business development from the ICT industry, in particular within oil and gas. Previously he has run Norwegian branches of foreign companies.

Photo of Philippe Bissat, employee in Intop

Philippe Bissat

Philippe has 30-plus years experience directing multiple international operations for leading global corporations. More than 7 years directing complex international projects.

Smaller photo of Thor Skailand, employee in Intop

Thor Skailand

Thor Skailand holds a broad experience from sales, business development and management positions with over 25 years in the oil & gas industry, has an educational level of BBA from Innovation Norway Business Management School, and possesses the personality and the skills to establish and maintain relations at many levels both internal and external.

Photo of Øyvind Hovland

Øyvind Hovland

Øyvind has a wide experience as an entrepeneur. He has founded several companies including Huddlestock, Vision IO, Cyviz and IT Forces.