Finding and analyzing information in unstructured data faster and more efficient, to find the sensitive data which does not respect the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)   

The unstructured data may contain sensitive data and with the introduction of the new regulations (GDPR) many companies are facing with the challenge of finding, which and where are the information violating these regulations. The most important task is to find these data in the unstructured data fast and efficiently, analyze them and prepare for migrating to secure source or masking/deleting data. 

The solution will be to connect IntOp Engine to all sources of data where users normally store them. All harvested data will be presented in IntOp Fetch, as One-Stop Shop, and thanks to the “GDPR Contexts”, a list of files containing sensitive data related to each category of GDPR-relevant data will be created and could be made available to data managers as input to mitigate issues, migrate data or mask/delete data. 

In addition, BI Dashboards for a statistical overview and further insights will be available. 

Intended impact:
The organization has complete controlinsight and access to data that has content that is covered by GDPR.  

Hidden data becomes visible information available to all relevant usersregardless of where it has been stored  

If needed or requested, during an audit or otherwise, reports may be produced to show that the company is following the GDPR, and the system may show live that this is the case.