Intelligent Operations AS expands activities to Asia

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IntOp expands its activities to Asia – IntOp reinforce its partner network signing a Partner Agreement with Elsa Energy, in Kuala Lumpur.

“It is great pleasure teaming up with IntOp as we embark into the ever-changing digital landscape across different industries. As huge growing amount of information and data are being consumed in every organization, the demand for a platform to consolidate and collaborate across different data silos become more apparent. We see IntOp’s technology of having significant role in solving these challenges. We very much look forward to partnering IntOp for a long-term successful relationship.” expressed Chow Sheng Jon, Vice President of Elsa Energy.

About Elsa-Energy

Elsa Energy is an integrated energy consulting firm and also a provider of Digital Solutions for the energy industry. Elsa Energy is committed to partnering with their customers to ensure the most cost effective and Fit-For Purpose solutions corresponding to the challenging business environment. Elsa Energy – Your Trusted Energy Partner!

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“IntOp is pleased to announce his strategic partnership with the successful company Elsa-Energy. Our goal is to provide the best solution in the digitalization challenges that their customers are facing, and, thus, to support Elsa-Energy in its strategy. We are exited to begin this partnership with Elsa-Energy and convinced that this alliance will meet the needs in the region’s market.” explains Philippe Bissat, Sales and Marketing Manager at IntOp.


About IntOp

Intelligent Operations AS (IntOp) is Norwegian technology company based in Stavanger. We offer next generation technology in innovative ways. We set out to make products where others offer processes, services and frameworks.

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Elsa Energy: Chow Sheng Jon, Vice President. Email:

IntOp: Philippe Bissat, Sales and Marketing Manager. Email: