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DNO Norge AS will use IntOp’s solution to get access to and analyze unstructured data related to exploration and subsurface on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. All data will be loaded into the IntOp Engine and made available for discovery and analysis in IntOp Fetch.

“We are looking forward to using this new and interesting technology as part of our digitalization efforts. DNO Norge has a large amount of data related to most of the NCS and a significant number of licenses. It is important for us to utilize these data as efficiently as possible. This is one of the areas where we believe IntOp’s technology will help us,” says Ørjan Gjerde, Managing Director of DNO Norge AS.

The InOp solution will be a data hub between sources of unstructured, file-based data at DNO. The data will be harvested, prepared in fit for purpose contexts and presented in IntOp Fetch for users through the AI capabilities of the IntOp Engine.

“We are pleased to have the trust of DNO Norge in this project. It is also inspiring to see how agile and open-minded they have been in evaluating and choosing our technology for this purpose. We hope that this can be the start of a long and fruitful relationship,” Stein Fredriksen, CEO of IntOp says.

Ørjan Gjerde, Managing Director of DNO Norge AS. Email: orjan.gjerde@dno.no

Stein Fredriksen, CEO of IntOp. Email: sf@intop.no

About DNO Norge AS:

DNO Norge AS is a Norwegian based Exploration and Production company with main focus on exploration for oil and gas on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. In May 2017 DNO ASA acquired all the shares in Origo Exploration AS and renamed the company to DNO Norge AS. The company is actively pursuing ownership in attractive licenses through licensing rounds and farm-ins. DNO Norge has the ambition to be an active operator, and build a portfolio of assets including exploration, development and production assets.

DNO ASA was founded in 1971, and is Norway’s oldest still operating oil company and the first to list on the Oslo Stock Exchange in 1981. Initially a North Sea player, but focus over the past two decades shifted to the Middle East region, home to the world’s most prolific oil resources. By tapping into its Norwegian heritage and leveraging the regional footprint, DNO has proven a nimble and successful operator, even in challenging environments.

About IntOp

Intelligent Operations AS (IntOp) is Norwegian technology company based in Stavanger. We offer next generation technology in innovative ways. We set out to make products where others offer processes, services and frameworks. More information: www.intop.no