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IntOp is now offering their SaaS solution for insights and analytics into unstructured, text-based data via Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource. The solution is available for implementation on Microsoft Azure, with connectors to standard Microsoft file repositories like SharePoint, OneDrive and Fileshares.

As part of an international launch effort, the company is publishing their solution on the Microsoft portals to reach a broader market.

“We are excited to be able to offer our technology to the international market through these channels,” says Øystein Drivflaadt, CTO of IntOp. “We focus on making more sense of the text-based data, which is often file-based data. When you think about it, a large share of the files produced every day across the globe is produced by and stored in applications made by Microsoft. This is why the partnership with Microsoft and making our technology available in their channels is so important to us.”

The intention is that the information discovery app IntOp Fetch and the backend technology in the IntOp Engine will give Microsoft customers a useful and pragmatic toolset to use in the quest for insights into data. With IntOp’s technology available as a true SaaS solution, connected to Microsoft file repositories, the end users will have the AI capabilities of the IntOp system available to do data discovery, analysis and collaboration.

The IntOp applications are published here: Microsoft Azure and Microsoft AppSource

About Microsoft Azure Marketplace:

Azure Marketplace is an online applications and services marketplace. Customers (mostly IT pros and developers) can discover, try and buy cloud software solutions built on Azure or built for Azure. The catalog, includes over 8,000 listings, contains Azure building blocks like Virtual Machines (VMs), APIs, and Solution Templates, and SaaS Apps. For partners, Azure Marketplace is the launching point for all joint Go-To-Market activities with Microsoft to reach more customers. Using launch promotion, demand generation, and joint sales and marketing, partner marketplace listings can be the centerpiece of their cloud business engine. (From )

About IntOp:
Intelligent Operations AS (IntOp) is Norwegian technology company based in Stavanger. We offer next generation technology in innovative ways. We set out to make products where others offer processes, services and frameworks. More information:

Øystein Drivflaadt, CTO IntOp. E: