IntOp Basic Partner​

The IntOp Basic Partner sells and delivers consulting services. This level allows you to gain retention and broader connection surface with customers while building long term relationship based on IntOp Technology. The IntOp Basic partnership is the entry membership level and offers partners access to a variety of resources, marketing collateral, tools, and benefits.​

At least 1 IntOp Sales trained employee.


IntOp Advanced Partner​

In addition to the IntOp Basic Partner level, the IntOp Advanced Partner will implement the IntOp Solutions and case by case complements IntOp’s solutions for a specific area or activity. It will grow the business by maintaining existing customer and closing new deals. Advanced partners enjoy enhanced benefits, plus access to additional resources designed to help them increase revenue. ​

At least 2 IntOp Sales trained and 1 IntOp Technical trained employee.


IntOp Expert Partner

In addition to the IntOp Advanced Partner level, the IntOp Expert Partners are partners who have a special relationship with IntOp. These partners offer services and competency that may support all of the other partners. They receive the maximum level of support from IntOp.​

At least 2 IntOp Sales trained and 2 IntOp Technical trained employee. 

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