The IntOp solution is a patent pending technology that enables organisations to structure large volumes of unstructured information, text-based across all sources and present this in meaningful context for end-users, analytics or make relevant information available in other applications. Using a standard connector framework, the solution consists of the IntOp Engine and IntOp Context Layer. The result is navigable contextual information displayed in IntOp’s own information discovery tool, IntOp Fetch.

IntOp Engine

The IntOp Engine is the core technology that deliver a system for managing, analysing, navigating and searching data and information across all sources within any domain in an organization. The IntOp Engine connects to the sources and extracts raw metadata and content. There are standard connectors available for File share (Windows Server) and SharePoint. The solution also connects to Active Directory, aligning with Identity and Access Management configured.

Raw metadata is then passed through a curation process, where it is treated for use in the Engine. In the curation process the native/original data is analysed, selected and useful metadata is extracted. The metadata is then improved and structured in a non-linear, multi relational network to ensure its effective use in the Engine.

IntOp Context Layer 

The IntOp Context Layer makes accessing the curated information more effective by applying a multitude of relationships between the data and information. It allows different contexts, smart filters, to be created and connects other relevant information to these contexts.  The Context layer works as an alignment layer, providing a common set of patterns or contextual filters in IntOp Fetch to drill down, select data on and collaborate with, regardless of how unstructured or chaotic the source data and metadata are. The IntOp Context Layer understands language, and administrators may configure and manage how data is connected in patterns towards the contexts in the Context Layer.

IntOp Fetch

IntOp Fetch allows users to navigate and retrieve information fast, from any connected source and in an intuitive interface based on contextual filters. The IntOp Fetch solution set information into larger contexts based on what is configured in the Context Layer. This will give the users an easy access to information they are working and automatic providing other relevant information. Any segmentation or filter setting in Fetch is possible to save and share with other users. Last, but not least, Fetch provides statistical data about any filter and filter combination, enabling further insights into the data.